IAB’s LEAN roadmap to combat Ad Blocking

As a response to Ad Blocking, IAB releases 2016 plan to develop LEAN scoring.

The IAB Tech Lab announced more on how it plans to execute its LEAN ads scoring system that will be used to evaluate ad experiences on digital properties. LEAN, which stands for Light, Encrypted, AdChoice supported, and Non-invasive ads, is the IAB’s response to the rise of ad blocking.

The idea behind the LEAN Scoring, is that Publishers will be able to measure their Site Monetization Strategy against an accepted framework, thus having more digital properties embracing best practices by default.  Users visiting LEAN friendly sites will have a less intrusive experience, and thus negate the need to use an Ad Blocker.

The Tech Lab laid out the following product road map on Friday:


  • Formalizing the process of onboarding data and criteria
  • Starting the public discussion about initial guidance
  • Completing initial user experience testing


  • Onboarding data and criteria from publishers, marketers and agencies
  • Iterative publishing of LEAN scoring criteria
  • Next phase of user experience testing


  • Create LEAN scoring algorithms
  • Publish initial findings and recommendations for rolling out LEAN scorecard
  • Present 2017 LEAN scoring roadmap

For more information: IAB, MarketingLand

Billy D. Aldea-Martinez, is a Digital Strategy & Monetization consultant. Currently Head of Sales in Brazil, for Piano, he helps Publishers launch new products and business models to increase digital revenues.  His also a Board Advisor & Angel Investor to adtech & marktech start-ups within the publishing market.

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